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Pro-Terrorists to Meet in Los Angeles
Posted by Rocco DiPippo @ Tuesday 1 November 2005, 12:01 am

On Nov.12, 2005 a collection of communists, Marxists, terrorist cheerleaders and anti-war organizers will be holding a conference in Los Angeles.

Dubbed as a "day of Marxist views on the struggle against capitalist exploitation, war, racism and imperialism," the conference will be headed by Brian Becker, former secretariat of the Workers World Party (WWP). Becker left WWP in tatters when, in 2004, he affected a major split in the Party by grabbing much of its membership to start his own radical-Left outfit, "The Party for Socialism and Liberation." Becker is also co-director of the International Action Center (IAC), which directs Ramsey Clark’s International ANSWER.

Speaking at the conference will be Michel Shehadeh, a Palestinian activist who faces deportation for allegedly organizing for and raising money for the terrorist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Because of his 18-year-battle against deportation, and his anti-Israel pro-Palestinian views,  Shehadeh has achieved cult status among radical-leftists. He recently shared the podium with George Galloway during Galloway’s speaking appearence in Los Angeles. 

Also on the bill is Gloria LaRiva, a leading anti-war organizer and key member of the IAC. La Riva is a neo-communist supporter of Fidel Castro. At the end of her speeches, she has been known to shout, "Long live the Cuban Revolution!" 

Jim Lafferty, a member of the old Communist-front National Lawyers Guild will also be speaking at the event as will Juan Jose Gutierrez, an ANSWER organizer and open-borders lobbyist; Preston Wood, ANSWER’s LA coordinator; Muna Coobtee, whose duties involve shilling for alleged terrorist abettor Michel Shehadeh and Howard University student and terrorist cheerleader Caneisha Mills.

The conference will adress the following topics:

  • Building an anti-imperialist movement in the U.S.

  • The fight against racism and national oppression

  • Solidarity with Iraq, Palestine, Haiti, Korea, the Philippines and all targets of U.S. imperialism

  • Socialism in Cuba, revolution in Venezuela

  • The struggle for democratic rights: immigrants, unions, women and LGBT people

    The conference takes place at 2501 S Hill Street, Los Angeles. It runs from 10AM to 5PM with pre-registration beginning at 9AM. Moonbat Central readers are especially encouraged to attend this event. You can pre-register for the conference by calling 323-960-4345. If you decide to attend, keep in mind that you’ll probably be frisked for recording devices at the door, since these people are seriously paranoid.

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