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"Hamoked" 2002 Annual Report: Putting Israel on the Stake
By Alan Schneider
July 15, 2003

Norwegian NGO Funding: Boycotts and Apartheid Rhetoric instead of Peace and Coexistence
By NGO Monitor
March 12, 2009

NGO Gaza Campaign as Prelude to the 2009 Durban Review Conference
By NGO Monitor
February 3, 2008

NGO Bias in Pre-Annapolis Political Statements on Gaza
By NGO Monitor
November 26, 2007

NGO News in Brief
By NGO Monitor
October 1, 2007

NGO News in Brief
By NGO Monitor
July 2, 2007

NGO News in Brief
By NGO Monitor
May 30, 2007

World Bank Report on Palestinians Based on False NGO Reports and Anti-Israel Bias
By NGO Monitor
May 16, 2007

Claims in B'tselem/Hamoked Report Lack Credibility
By NGO Monitor
May 7, 2007

NGO Activity in Brief
By NGO Monitor
December 21, 2006

NGO Monitor Analysis Cited by UK Parliamentary Committee Reviewing Aid to Palestinian NGOs
By NGO Monitor
November 20, 2006

European Union Support for Extremist and Politicized NGOs
By NGO Monitor
October 24, 2006

Gaza Crisis and NGO Responses
By NGO Monitor
July 17, 2006

NGOs' Political Biases Reflected in Reports on Gaza Violence
By NGO Monitor
July 6, 2006

EU NGO "Peace" Projects that Fuel Conflict
By Gerald M. Steinberg
May 11, 2006

Israeli State Prosecutor Recognises Bias of Israeli Human Rights NGOs, HaMoked and B'Tselem
By NGO Monitor
March 23, 2006


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HaMoked  Center for the Defense of the Individual (HM)'s Visual Map

  • Anti-Israel NGO that aims to “assist Palestinians whose rights are violated by the Israeli authorities”

Established by Dr. Lotte Salzberger in 1988, HaMoked is a registered Israeli NGO whose broad objective is to "provide assistance to persons who have fallen victim to acts of violence, abuse, or deprivation of basic rights by governmental authorities (including local government), especially those needing assistance in conveying their complaints to these authorities, and also to protect basic rights." Vis a vis the Middle East in particular, HaMoked aims to "assist Palestinians whose rights are violated by the Israeli authorities or as a result of Israeli policy."

Hamoked alleges that Israeli authorities systematically oppress and abuse innocent Palestinians by means of beatings, torture, murder, harassment and threats, unwarranted detention, theft and confiscation of property, and damage to the Palestinian Authority’s infrastructure. HaMoked further objects to Israel‘s demolition and seizure of Palestinian houses (an activity directed against terrorists and their abettors); Israel’s construction of an anti-terrorism separation barrier in the West Bank; roadblocks and curfews imposed on Palestinians; and the deportation of suspected Palestinian terrorists. HaMoked regularly publishes reports condemning Israel for such alleged transgressions.

HaMoked works closely with other highly politicized NGOs, including: Adalah, Al-Haq, Amnesty International, Betselem, Human Rights Watch, the International Solidarity Movement, LAW, Machsom Watch, the Palestinian Prisoner's Club, Physicians for Human Rights - Israel, and the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel.

Hamoked’s major funders include the European Commission; the Ford Foundation; the International Commission of Jurists; the New Israel Fund; the Dutch Foreign Ministry; the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs; and the British, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish embassies in Tel Aviv.

Staffed by approximately 30 employees, HaMoked deals regularly with Palestinians claiming to have been abused by Israeli authorities. In such cases, the organization contacts the relevant authorities and, when necessary, files legal claims and submits petitions to the High Court of Justice. The NGO also works to introduce policy changes and legislative amendments “that would improve the status of human rights in the Occupied Territories.” Since its inception, HaMoked has handled more then 50,000 complaints on various subjects.

This profile is adapted, with permission, from the NGO Monitor.



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