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  • Professor at Duke University
  • Co-chairs the Center for the Study of Muslim Networks
  • “The world is in mortal threat with the United States being allowed to strut around like a colossus.”


A religion professor at Duke University, Ebrahim Moosa co-chairs Duke’s Center for the Study of Muslim Networks (CSMN), a leftist organization that strongly opposes America’s war on terror. He joined the Duke faculty in 2001. Prior to his work at Duke, Moosa spent three years as a visiting Professor at Stanford University, and before that he taught at South Africa’s Cape Town University. In November 2002, Moosa stated, “The world is in mortal threat with the United States being allowed to strut around like a colossus.” In a March 2003 piece he wrote for the New Straits Times-Management Times, he referred to George W. Bush and Tony Blair – the two world leaders most vocal about the importance of ending Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi regime – as “the Christian Taliban.” Moosa characterized the war against Iraq as “unjust American atrocities on the Iraqi people.” Notably, Islamic fundamentalists in Moosa’s homeland, South Africa, attempted to kill him in a firebombing attack several years ago – after which Moosa took refuge in America and secured his teaching position at Duke.

The fact that Moosa found safety and opportunity in the U.S. has not diminished the zeal with which he condemns America and its role in world affairs. He writes, “Recent history has shown that everyone from yesterday’s Cold War allies and today’s terrorists like Bin Laden, to despots like Saddam Hussein and oppressive regimes the world over, can find favor with the U.S. ruling class, under the right circumstances. . . . No principle or vision is sacrosanct in Washington except its own security and self-interest. U.S. ‘national interests’ must be the single most catastrophic ideology of death and misery . . . ”



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