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  • Founding member of Veterans For Peace

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Born on November 14, 1911 in Weiser, Idaho, Willard Bicket was educated at Tarkio College (Missouri) and Andover-Newton Theological Seminary (Massachusetts). He served as pastor of the Lovell United Church of Christ in Lovell, Maine from 1939-42, and as a U.S. Army chaplain in North Africa and Italy from 1942-46.

In July 1985 Bicket became a founding member of
Veterans For Peace (VFP), along with Jerry Genesio, Judy Genesio, Doug Rawlings, and Ken Perkins. “We are against the foreign policy of the present [Reagan] administration,” Bicket said at that time. “We are very troubled about national ideology.” Bicket added that he and likeminded Vietnam veterans “do not want to see us [the United States] involved in someone else's civil war”a reference to the Reagan effort to assist the Contras of Nicaragua in their battle against that country's Marxist-Leninist Sandinista government.

Bicket died on March 7, 1997.



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