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A Master of Propaganda Who Grew Rich on Soviet Lies
By Arnold Beichman
January 12, 2004

Lenin's Loudspeaker
By Stephen Schwartz
February 11, 2004

Mythologizing Murder
By Jack Cashill
April 10, 2007


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Muenzenberg's Visual Map


  • Organizer of the the Committee for the World Congress Against War
  • Propaganda czar for Joseph Stalin



Willi Muenzenberg helped form the Committee for the World Congress Against War (CWCAW), an anti-war group organized by the Communist left in the 1930s that protested the arming of America, Britain, and France in the years preceding World War II. The objective of this group was to prevent the Western powers from developing the force necessary to stop Hitler’s aggression. Under the banner of “peace,” the CWCAW advocated a reliance on appeasement and negotiation, rather than strength.   Muenzenberg was once Joseph Stalin’s propaganda czar. He was a member of Lenin’s inner circle in pre-revolutionary Zurich. His propaganda machine managed to convince the world that the Soviet Union was creating a better life for the working class. After breaking with Stalin in 1939, he was killed by Stalin’s allies in occupied France in 1940.



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