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MARY GRUBER Printer Friendly Page


  • President of ISAIAH
  • Open Borders advocate



Mary Gruber is the president of ISAIAH, a Midwestern group of approximately 75 church congregations that supports open borders, sanctuary laws preventing police from enforcing immigration laws, full amnesty and labor rights for illegal aliens, and lax deportation laws. During a demonstration held jointly by ISAIAH and Centro Campesino (yet another open-borders group) in St. Paul on June 28, 2003, Gruber declared, “We are called here for action against this war on immigrants. . . . We are here to proclaim the rights of immigrants and to take action.” The purportedly oppressed immigrants to which Gruber was referring were those who entered this country in violation of immigration laws. Remarkably, illegal immigrants were variously described by the rally’s other guest speakers as: “oppressed people”; people forced to “live in the shadows as second-class human beings”; and people who “because of their legal status . . . cannot accomplish their dreams.”



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