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Antar Zouabri: A Violent Legacy
By Heba Saleh
February 9, 2002

Algeria Puts Dead Militant on Show
February 10, 2002

Top Islamist Militant 'Killed' in Algeria
By BBC News Online
February 9, 2002


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Zouabri's Visual Map

  • Leader of the Armed Islamic Group, an Algerian terrorist group that murdered tens of thousands
  • Was killed in a 2002 gun battle


Born in 1970, Antar Zouabri was the leader of the Algeria-based Armed Islamic Group (GIA) from 1996 to 2002. He declared the overwhelming majority of Algerians -- who did not support the GIA -- to be "infidels" and thus legitimate targets for murder. Under Zouabri's stewardship, the GIA was responsible for tens of thousands of killings. He also encouraged GIA soldiers to kidnap thousands of girls for use as sex slaves.

Zouabri evaded police and army manhunts for years by traveling through rugged mountains and thick forests, often accompanied by hundreds of fellow rebels. In February 2002 he was killed in a gun battle with Algerian military forces near the city of Algiers.



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