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Campbell's Visual Map

  • Anti-Semitic writer and filmmaker
  • Founder of Americans for Justice in Palestine
  • Refers to Israel as a “Jewish supremacist state”

See also:  Americans for Justice in Palestine

Virulently anti-Semitic, Wendy Campbell is a writer/filmmaker based in Oakland, California, who devotes much energy to the condemnation of the state of Israel. She refers to supporters of Israel as "ZionNAzis" and defiantly tells them to "Go to Israhell."  She produces no films beyond those that excoriate Israel and liken Israelis to Nazis.

Campbell is the founder of the group Americans for Justice in Palestine. On her website, she frequently refers to Israel as a “Jewish supremacist state.” She attributes the U.S. war with Iraq to a vast Zionist conspiracy that consists of a “Zionist-dominated American media” and a “Zionist-dominated war-mongering government.”  Whenever critics accuse her of being an anti-Semite, she generally defends herself by citing the support she receives from the Neturei Karta, a small sect of ultra-Orthodox Jewish outcasts who detest the state of Israel. Campbell refers to the New York Times as the “Jew York Times;” and she has defended white supremacist David Duke as a “political prisoner.”



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