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  • Board member of the Advocacy Project, an NGO with a strong political agenda and anti-Israel ideological emphasis

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Jock Covey is a board member of the Advocacy Project,
a Washington, DC-based NGO with a strong political agenda and anti-Israel ideological emphasis. The group draws a moral equivalence between Palestinian terrorism and Israeli counter-terror measures, and accuses the Israeli government of “racism” and “apartheid” against Palestinians. Covey is currently a Senior Vice President for External Relations at the San Francisco-based Bechtel Corporation, which is a global engineering, construction and project management company, which has forty offices worldwide, some 40,000 employees, and earned revenues of $16.3 billion in 2003. Among Bechtel’s projects are: roads, rail systems, airports, seaports, fossil and nuclear power plants, refineries, petrochemical facilities, mines and smelters, defense and aerospace facilitites, environmental cleanup projects, telecommunications networks, pipelines, and oil and gas field development.

Before moving to the private sector, Covey had a career in the U.S. Foreign Service and United Nations. He served on the Middle East desk in the US State Department and as deputy High Representative in Bosnia. He was also deputy to Bernard Kouchner, the head of the UN Mission in Kosovo.



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