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Talbot's Visual Map

  • Fellow at the New America Foundation
  • Contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine
  • Former editor of Lingua Franca and The New Republic
  • Sister of Salon webzine founder and former Mother Jones editor David Talbot
  • Sister of leftwing documentary film producer Stephen Talbot

Margaret Talbot is a fellow at the New America Foundation and a contributing writer at The New York Times Magazine.  She has been an editor at Lingua Franca and The New Republic magazines. Her articles, many of which deal with the themes of feminism, childbearing and male-female relationships, have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, The New Yorker and Salon.com, an Internet magazine edited and published by her brother David L. Talbot.

Margaret Talbot was born in Los Angeles, daughter of movie and television actor Lyle Talbot (1902-1996), who is best remembered as the character "Joe Randolph," neighbor of Ozzie and Harriet on that popular television series (1956-66). Margaret's father was also a leftwing labor activist who co-founded the Screen Actors Guild and sat on its Board of Directors alongside Ronald Reagan. In later life Lyle Talbot claimed that Hollywood studios had denied him good movie roles in retaliation for his labor organizing activities.

Margaret is also the sister of Stephen Talbot, former child TV star on the series Leave It to Beaver who grew up to become a television documentary producer.

Margaret Talbot discovered young underground press reporter Jake Tapper and urged her brother David to hire him. Tapper developed into a national media pundit from his role as political correspondent for Salon, and is now a national television correspondent for ABC News.



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