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Schlickeisen's Visual Map

  • President of Defenders of Wildlife
  • Has called President Bush “the most anti-wildlife president ever”
  • Former chief of staff to U.S. Democratic Senator Max Baucus


Rodger Schlickeisen is the President of Defenders of Wildlife (DOW), an environmental advocacy group professing a dedication to “the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities,” and focusing on what it considers the two most serious environmental threats facing the planet: “the accelerating rate of extinction of species and the associated loss of biological diversity; and habitat alteration and destruction.” DOW also takes a vocal stand on a variety of political and social issues.

With Schlickeisen at its helm, DOW has been an outspoken and scathing critic of the Bush administration. In the presidential election year of 2004, DOW published at least 14 newsletters critical of the Bush Administration. Schlickeisen specifically attacked Bush’s environmental policies, asserting that they “will be proven to be illegal.” He called Bush “the most anti-wildlife president ever.”

In the aftermath of President Bush’s reelection that year, Schlickeisen said, “At Defenders, we have fought a three-year battle to blunt a string of radical environmental attacks by this Administration and we’re not about to stop now. Though we fully realize that those fights may get harder in the next Bush term, we stand ready to meet the challenge, and to protect our natural heritage for our children and grandchildren.”

Prior to his tenure as DOW president, Schlickeisen served as a chief of staff to U.S. Democratic Senator Max Baucus. He currently sits on the board of directors of the League of Conservation Voters, a highly politicized advocacy and lobbying group that consistently disparages conservative political leaders while lauding their leftwing counterparts.

Schlickeisen holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. from George Washington University.



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