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Toton's Visual Map

  • Theology professor at Villanova University
  • Instructor in Villanova’s Center for Peace and Justice Education
  • Promotes liberation theology, which is Marxism disguised as Christianity

An Associate Professor of Theology at Villanova University, Suzanne Toton is a faculty member of the University’s Center for Peace and Justice Education (CPJE), an interdisciplinary program that offers students both a minor and a concentration in issues of “world peace and social justice.”

Professor Toton teaches the course “Global Poverty: Liberation Theology & the Struggle for Justice.” (Liberation theology is a form of Marxized Christianity; its objective is to show Christians how Marxist-Leninist ideology is really a secular form of the Christian gospels.) This class, which receives more attention than most others in the course-description section of the CPJE website, is ostensibly dedicated to:

"Examin[ing] from a Christian ethical perspective: (a) the structural and systemic linkages that produced wealth for one region of the world and poverty for the other; (b) the phenomenon of globalization and its potential to promote or set development back further; (c) the responsibility of the affluent to reshape the global order into one that is more just, compassionate and peaceful; and (d) what the Christian churches and the Roman Catholic church in particular are doing to address global poverty."

One book that Professor Toton requires her students to read is Dorothy Day’s Loaves and Fishes. Day was a Marxist Catholic who in the 1930s helped establish the Catholic Worker Movement, which was both socialist and pacifist. Today, the Catholic Worker Movement still advances its agendas by promoting individuals like Noam Chomsky and organizations like the International Action Center founded by Ramsey Clark.

Professor Toton’s allegiance to the tenets of liberation theology pervades her teaching curriculum. In her course “Service and Education for Justice,” for example, the writings of Latin American liberation theologians provide her basic texts.

In February 2003, Toton participated in an anti-war rally in Philadelphia, in opposition to the then-impending U.S. invasion of Iraq. “Nobody in our government -- not our President or our members of Congress -- is listening to us,” said Toton. “People have to take to the streets and make them listen.”

Toton is an advisor to Villanova’s chapter of Bread For The World (BFTW), a politicized “citizens” movement seeking “justice for the world’s hungry people by lobbying our nation's decision makers.” In the 2000 election year, BFTW graded every U.S. congressional representative, giving each a numerical score between 0 and 100, depending on the percentage of times he or she had voted in a manner that was politically to BFTW's liking. Members of the socialist Progressive Caucus consistently earned scores of 100, the highest rating possible, while conservatives commonly registered scores of zero. Opposed to the War in Iraq, BFTW said, “The U.S. economy is mired in a significant slump.... But Congress and the President are preoccupied with war and security. They aren’t paying attention to what’s happening to poor people.” In 2004, Toton was one of thirty activists honored at BFTW's 30th anniversary celebration.

Toton is also Villanova University’s contact for the Justice Union of Students Staff and Teachers. This is part of the Peace and Justice Consortium of Colleges and Universities in the Philadelphia Area, which is dedicated to sharing information “on events and resources with member schools for the purpose of involving faculty, staff, and above all students in a process of educating, mentoring and modeling for social change.”



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