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  • Advocate for the Somali Justice Advocacy Center
  • In 2002, was charged with filing false INS documents to gain entry into the U.S.


Omar Jamal is a St. Paul, Minnesota-based advocate for the Somali Justice Advocacy Center. In April 2002 he was charged in Memphis, Tennessee with filing false INS documents to gain entry into the United States. Because of his community standing, he used charges of racism and the voice of the antiwar movement to claim victim status against what he said were the false filing charges. Publicly vocal in his disagreement with the war in Iraq, he ascribes the charges to that protest. He has been described as “the Al Sharpton of the Twin Cities' Somali community,” garnering support as the local Somali population grows and he publicly laments that population’s “victim” status.

This profile is adapted from the article "An Immigration Explosion," written by Steve Brown and Chris Coon, and published by FrontPageMagazine.com on June 12, 2003.



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