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Ayub's Visual Map

  • Hezbollah officer from Lebanon
  • Participated in terrorist attacks

See also: Hezbollah   Islamic Jihad

Born in 1964, Fauzi Ayub is a Lebanese Hezbollah officer who in the 1980s was dispatched by that terrorist organization to Romania to hijack an Iraqi airliner. Romanian authorities arrested him, however, before he could fulfill his assignment. Thus it was left for a second group of terror operatives to carry out Ayub's mission, in which 62 people died when the hijacked plane crashed.

After Romania released Ayub from prison in the late 1980s, he moved with his family to Canada and became a Canadian citizen. In early 2001 he used a fake U.S. passport to travel to Israel for the purpose of fomenting terrorism there. Once in Israel, he quickly disappeared in the West Bank.

Ayub was arrested on June 25, 2001 when he was found amid the ruins of a toppled police station in Hebron. When asked in an Israeli court why he had not told Canadian authorities about his terrorist past in Romania, he replied, "They didn't ask me."

From his Israeli prison cell, Ayub, in conjunction with Islamic Jihadmasterminded a November 2002 terrorist assault on Jewish worshippers walking from the Tomb of the Patriarchs (a shrine in Hebron that is holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims) to the Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba. When Israeli soldiers and policemen rushed to the scene of the attack, they too were ambushed by Palestinian gunmen. A total of twelve Israelis were killed, including three armed civilian guards and nine soldiers and police officers.



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