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The Root Cause of the Disasters in the Middle East
By David Horowitz
July 31, 2017

252 Examples of [Obama's] Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, etc.
By DanFromSquirrelHill.wordpress.com
August 15, 2013

Timeline: How The Obama Administration Bypassed Congress To Dismantle Immigration
By The Office of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions
November 2014


Now, Obama is violating even the pathetic terms of the Corker-Cardin bill by preventing Congress from even mustering the two-thirds opposition to the deal.  Ben Cardin is nowhere to be seen. 

Foreign Policy magazine is reporting that UN Ambassador Samantha Power plans to submit a 14-page draft resolution to the UN Security Council as early as next week for approval of the Iran deal. 

You might be thinking, what happened to the 60-day period of congressional review, pursuant to the Corker Cardin bill, when Obama was to be restricted from lifting sanctions?  Can’t Congress at least be afforded the 60 days to attempt to muster the 67 votes needed to disapprove of the deal? 

No chance.  Obama is reneging on the very essence of the agreement and the bill he signed into law in May – an agreement that to begin with, violates the Senate’s treaty powers.  By taking this deal straight to the Security Council for approval, although the implementation of the deal will not take effect until later this year, Congress would be in violation of international law by rejecting this treaty – if they miraculously mustered the votes in September.

Secretary of State John Kerry blatantly and brazenly admitted that they have double-crossed Congress:

“If Congress were to veto the deal, Congress — the United States of America — would be in noncompliance with this agreement and contrary to all of the other countries in the world. I don’t think that’s going to happen,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters Tuesday.
- See more at: https://www.conservativereview.com/Commentary/2015/07/Did-Obama-Just-Break-the-Law-on-His-Own-Iran-Deal#sthash.UOj5tyzH.dpuf
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