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* An April 2014 report by RealClearPolitics.com stated:

"[Reid's] estimated net worth peaked at around $10 million just a few years ago, and he has remained consistently wealthier than when he entered Congress. (Reid reported that his net worth in 2012 was somewhere between $2.8 million and $6.3 million. His 2013 financial disclosures will be released later this year.) As of 2012, real estate composed about one-third of his portfolio. The rest was made up of government bonds; stakes in energy, electronics, pharmaceutical, and chemical companies; and other investments. He also possesses significant mining claims potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars."

* Notwithstanding his populist rhetoric, Reid, in a moment of candor, revealed the disdain with which he has viewed many American voters. This occurred in December 2008, on the occasion of the opening of the new, $621 million Capitol Visitors Center in DC, where tourists could now wait in a comfortable underground facility before embarking on their pre-booked, guided tours of the U.S. Capitol. In his remarks at the opening ceremonies, Reid expressed relief that this new Center would serve to keep the masses at a greater distance from him, noting that “in the summertime, because the high humidity and how hot it gets here, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol. That’s no longer the case.”

* The Service Employees International Union has been a major financial contributor to Reid's Senate campaigns in Nevada.

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