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The UCC Coffee Project enables UCC congregations to support "fair trade" for small farming communities by "serving fairly traded coffee, tea and cocoa, and chocolate, snacks, and olive oil" at fellowship hour after Sunday services. "Through the project," says UCC, "small farmers and their families ... earn a fairer share of income."

In July 2011, the UCC's General Synod XXVIII unanimously approved a Resolution calling on all churches within the denomination to "faithfully examine their relationships with financial institutions and, where practical and prudent, deliberately move toward relating to financial institutions that have records of fair lending, business and investing practices as each body discerns for its setting."

UCC's anti-bullying program emphasizes “tolerance for all people, particularly lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and families, along with people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, abilities, social classes and faiths.”

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