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Islamist and jihadist organizations make extensive use of the Internet for purposes of recruitment, collaboration, and mutual encouragement in their quest to establish worldwide Muslim supremacy. Many of the websites used for these ends are based in non-Muslim, Western nations including, most prominently, the United States. The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) explains:

“Some of the Arab countries in which Islamic extremists are most active employ highly restrictive supervision measures against individuals and groups involved in online terrorist activity. As a result, Islamist organizations and their supporters prefer to use Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the West -- and especially in the U.S., which is a key provider of Internet services -- and thus exploit Western freedom of speech to spread their message. In many cases, Western countries even host websites of organizations that have been officially designated by these very countries as illegal terrorist organizations. It must be stressed, though, that the ISPs themselves are frequently unaware of providing services to extremist elements.”

MEMRI further reports that “Islamist sites tend to be transitory and impermanent -- new sites appear and others close down or are shut down on a daily basis. Sites also frequently change their URLs.”

This section of DiscoverTheNetworks examines how jihadists exploit the Internet for their nefarious ends. It also contains a directory of Islamist and jihadist websites. The directory is divided into four categories: (a) websites based in the United States; (b) websites based in nations other than the U.S.; (c) websites whose operations are based partially in the U.S. and partially abroad; and (d) websites whose home base is unknown.



Jihadism Online: A Study of How al Qaeda and Radical Islamist Groups Use the Internet for Terrorist Purposes
By Hanna Rogan
March 20, 2006

Cyberspace as a Combat Zone: The Phenomenon of Electronic Jihad
By E. Alshech
February 27, 2007

The Use of the Internet by Islamic Extremists
By Bruce Hoffman
May 2006

Jihadis and the Internet
By the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism
February 2007

Violent Islamist Extremism, the Internet, and the Homegrown Terrorist Threat
By The United States Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
May 8, 2008
Islamist Websites as an Integral Part of Jihad: A General Overview
February 21, 2007

Directory of Jihadist / Islamist Websites
By Discover The Networks
Mainstream US Islamic Websites -- and Terror
By Patrick Poole
September 29, 2008

Jihadists Broaden Reach by Launching English-Language Forums, Blogs
December 4, 2007


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